Power in every drop

Are you looking for simple and cost-effective ways to craft your own beer? You no longer have to be a brewmaster to make great-tasting beer. Brewcrafter25 was built to provide brewers with the power, versatility and control that they call for – without compromise.




Whole-body SS304 stainless steel construction provides a suitable brewing environment, while ensuring durability.

Temperature adjustment

Single-degree precision lets you adjust the temperature as you need – when you need it – giving you complete control.

Dual heating

Two heating elements (100~700W + 1800~2500W) provide heat and maintain optimal brewing conditions, effortlessly.

Stepless lifting

An integrated, seperable lauter tun built upon a stepless lifting system makes lautering smoother than ever.


Heat-resistant, food-grade quality pump makes circulation an effortless task. Connects to ball-valve faucet (w/ bazooka filter). Incl. 220V adapter.

Panel & LED display

LED display with water-resistant silicone front and a two-column control panel. Accessible and beautiful.

Everything. Combined.

An integrated, raisable lauter tun built upon a stepless elevation system makes lautering a smooth and effortless task. Dual heating elements at the base cofunction perfectly with a two-column control panel at the front, allowing for quick and accurate adjustments. Comfortably keep track of your brew's temperature on a gorgeously integrated LED display. Whole-body stainless steel construction promotes a sterile brewing environment – a pillar of making great-tasting beer.

More than 2000 brewers worldwide already use Brewcrafter25.

Sigbjørn HuusWe believe that you will be greatly satisfied with the quality of our product. It is what sets us apart from the competition.
Sigbjørn Huus
Chief Executive Officer

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The only homebrewing appliance you'll ever need.

Lager beer in bottle

Beer on your own premises

With the Brewcrafter, you maintain full control over the entire brewing process – giving you time to focus on the things that matter. Discover exciting flavors and aromas you didn't know you missed. Make any type of beer, whenever you want.

With the Brewcrafter, you also get

✓ 6m stainless steel wort chiller
✓ Digital thermometer
✓ Stepless lifting pole
✓ 1.5 litre scoop

Everything you need to get started.


Combine & Experiment

Discover the excitement of cooking with beer. Juice up your favorite dishes and experiment with flavors. Whether served in a glass or used as an active ingredient, beer provides the properties you need to refine your plate to perfection. If you'd like to learn more, we recommend reading Byo.com's article on cooking with homebrew.

Fire up the grill and have your friends come over for a session of backyard brewing. Brewcrafter25 makes brewing outside enjoyable and convenient. Just what you need for those sizzling summer days.

Be creative. Your options are limitless.


Technical specifications

What makes it great. In detail.


Voltage: 230V, 50Hz • Power: 100W~700W/1800W~2500W (±5%)


Measure: 30 x 30 x 63 cm • Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs) • Brew kettle capacity: 32.7 ltr. • Lauter tun capacity: 23.3 ltr.


Body: SS304 stainless steel • Screen: LED, silicon-based cover • Handle: Plastic


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The ultimate homebrewing experience

✓ Brewcrafter25 (3rd generation)
✓ Additional Equipment
✓ 2000+ Satisfied Customers
✓ 30-Day Money Back
✓ 1-Year Warranty
✓ Free Shipping to Europe


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